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Designed specifically for your child

Every parent knows 3 to 6 is a critical time in a child’s development. It determines future success… but, it often breeds future problems!

Above all, focus is on “life skills”; gained through the discipline of martial arts.

Great improvements will be noticed in your child’s focus, language skills, self discipline and listening skills.

Certainly, these are all key to moving forward at this age but can be tricky for some children to master.

  • Firstly, week by week the lesson structure is constant. Therefore building familiarity.
  • Secondly, attention is maintained by an exciting variation in the content of individual lessons.

In addition, by using Personal Progress Sheets, your child will work to improve tasks and life skills outside the academy.

This helps your child understand the life lessons taught in the academy. Lets them apply them to daily life. In other words, making them the best little people they can be…

Every parent of a Ninja says the same two things:

“Its amazing how much more self confidence they have”.

“They are so much better behaved”.

Give your child the best possible leg up in life!

Ninja Session Times

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This introductory lesson will last 30 minutes with approx 5 minutes to speak with an instructor before and after the class. children can wear leggings or track pants to train in.

Please wear loose fitting training clothes such as track pants, leggings. No shorts please.

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