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Family is the most important thing

It’s difficult to relate to children today…“Screen Time” means your child spends a lot of time “away” from you.

Real “Family Time” is almost extinct… making it more precious than ever! Family Class solves all these problems! Firstly, it is a chance for you and your child to train together. Therefore, improved fitness for both of you. Secondly, you and your child progress together.

As a result, you become a closer family unit. Breaking down the barrier between you and your child. Moreover, sharing the same interests as your child builds engagement and respect.

Parents are seen as role models.

In addition, you will enjoy a positive environment packed with positive people. Plus you’ll have great fun together.

For example; just having something to talk about that you can both relate to can be a huge benefit. Most importantly, you and your child will start to support and help each other.In conclusion, your child spends less “screen time” and starts to engage with “life” again…and with YOU again!

Most importantly, children “mirror” the behavior of adults. Your child is no exception. Setting an example is the best thing you can ever do for your child.

Family Session Times

Driffield Family

Beverley Family


This introductory lesson is undertaken by one of our instructors whilst the main lesson is going on. this will take about 45 minutes for the lesson plus 15 minutes to speak with the instructor and fill in paperwork before or after the lesson.

Please wear loose fitting training clothes such as track pants, leggings. Shorts are permitted.

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